ColPaC® Blue Vinyl Cold Packs

The ColPac Blue Vinyl Cold Packs are created for the economic buyer who doesn't want to spend additional money on the Black Urethane ColPacs. They are made for home use and are not durable enough for clinical use. Blue Vinyl ColPacs have custom sizes to fit every injury. One of their crowning features is that they are pliable right out of the freezer and not hard as a brick when frozen. This means that they easily fit and mold against injured joints and conform to the contours of the body. The will provide a smooth, even pain relief.

ColPacs are used to reduce inflammation and joint swelling. They also help manage bruising, reduce pain, and heal sprains and strains faster. Surgeons and physicians alike use ColPac products to aid in patient comfort and healing. Chiropractors and Athletic trainers prefer ColPacs over other brands because of their flexibility and consistent therapy that lasts up to 30 minutes.

ColPac blue vinyl cold packs are best used with Nylatex wraps for a firm fit that can be adjusted to any angle and size. Nylatex wraps will hold the cold packs in place while allowing for movement. Relief Pak covers will provide the ideal amount of insulation while still therapeutically chilling the injured tissue.