ColPaC® Black Urethane Cold Packs

These Chattanooga Black Urethane Cold Packs are industrial duty cold packs made for professional repeated use. These packs are extremely tear and puncture resistant and will last for years. ColPacs come with a 1 year warranty, but will last much longer than that. These cold packs are a much higher quality than anything else on the market and are the number one choice for healthcare professionals. Hospitals, clinics and health care facilities purchase these ColPacs by the dozens and use them for patient recovery and comfort. They are reliable and easy to use.

One of the most unique features of this product is that is is flexible even when it comes out of the freezer. ColPacs are pliable and quickly conform to the various contours of the body, particularly the ankles, knees, shoulders, neck, facial parts and other non-conforming parts that are commonly injured. Cold packs are used to treat bruising and decrease inflammation. They facilitate a faster recovery and offer instant pain relief that is natural. That is why chiropractors, physicians, sports medicine and athletic trainers all use ColPac products.

ColPac products come in a variety of sizes and shapes that is custom created for every injury. There is definately a ColPac product that will help you out.

The cold packs are filled with a non-toxic gel. That means these are safe for the environment, for animals, and most importantly for child use. They will not poison or harm kids.

(Blue vinyl ColPac products are created for the more economical buyer who doesn't want to spend as much money to enjoy the ColPac experience. This buyer is planning on using ColPac for short term or light use.)

The Nylatex wraps are ideal for keeping ColPacs in place and will provide a flexible and snug fit around any portion of the body. Nylatex therapeutic wraps come in a variety of sizes and lengths to accommodate every individual and body part.

The Relief Pak Covers are made to find ColPacs and provide insulation for the skin from the immediate chill of ColPacs while still keeping the tissue at the optimal temperature for cold therapy.