ColPac Products

Chattanooga has been the leader in therapeutic products since their inception. Specially engineer technology has brought forth cold packs that are the most effective on the market and preferred by physicians everywhere. Hospitals, clinics, and health care facilities love ColPac products because they are easy to work with and are pliable when frozen. This means that they provide a constant, even cold therapy to the wounded area. Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, and love Chattanooga ColPacs because they are the most effective in treating bruises, soft tissue damage and they effectively reduce pain and alleviate swelling. Physical therapists and rehabilitation centers rely on these cold pack for the highest quality of care for their patients. ColPacs keep injured area cold for up to 30 minutes.

The ColPac chill units are specifically designed to store and chill ColPacs in a professional environment. THey are compact and easily cleaned and defrosted.

ColPacs should be used with Relief Pak covers for maximum comfort. Relief Pak fits ColPac sizes and provides comfortable skin insulation while still delivering a constant therapeutic cold therapy. Nylatex Wraps are custom designed for repeated use and to keep ColPacs in place and comfortable for motion use.