77 lb Acceleration Trainer

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6.00 LBS
77 lb Acceleration Trainer

HealthyExercize.com STROOPS Acceleration Trainers are a great way to build athletic speed and power through resistance and quick release. The innovative force-absorbing and quick release is built to increase control. Trainers are great for use with sleds and other resistance tools. 

Did you know that speed and acceleration are not the same thing? Speed is the maximum velocity that you can sprint, while acceleration is how quickly you can reach that top speed. Acceleration is sports can mean the difference in winning games, getting to loose balls, charging past defense, and more! Athletes of many sports use acceleration training to improve their sport including Hockey, Football, Basketball and Baseball. 

While utilizing acceleration training, you will want to be aware of four variables: Distance, Load, Mechanics, Speed. 

When using sled training, the pulling distance should be between 20-30 meters. Longer sprinting helps athletes to develop higher speeds. Additionally, the longer sprinting helps to develop better endurance and performance at the shorter distances. 

Form is important to maintain in utilizing Acceleration Trainers. Sometimes as weights get heavier, the proper mechanics of the exercise breaks down. It is important that athletes maintain good form for the best results. 

The weight is typically determined by using a percentage of the athlete's body weight. However, if two similar athletes have about the same weight and size, but have drastically different speeds. the starting loads for them should differ based on ability. 

Speed is best increased in the first 20 meters of acceleration training. However, athletes should run through the 20 meter line and for this reason 30 meters is typically recommended. 

    • Variable resistance develops explosive acceleration and strength
    • 10' long over-sized latex tubing anchors to a sturdy object for forward, backward and lateral speed training
    • Sheathed in bunch free nylon that provides a built-in maximum
    • stretch-limiter and protects against backlash in the unlikely event of a break
    • Adjustable padded harness
    • 77 Lbs of resistance. We also offer 105 lbs and 150 lbs resistance acceleration trainers. 


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