5'x10'x2" Bonded Foam Mat-End Fasteners

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5'x10'x2" Bonded Foam Mat-End Fasteners

HealthyExercize.com GSC 5'x10'x2" Bonded Foam Mat-End Fasteners

This 10 foot by 5 foot mat comes with end fastners to combine with other mats. This is a heavy duty mat and gives the cushioned support that is needed for older children. Its ideal up through middle school and Jr. High aged children for dance and cheerleading practices, lifts and flips. This makes it easy to create your own gymnastic, tumbling, or martial arts practice room. After practice, simply pack it away and re purpose your room in a matter of minutes.

Firmer Than Polyfoam Mats, But Softer Than Polyethylene Mats!

Top quality 2" thick bonded foam mat designed for comfort and moderate support.  Perfect for tumbling, exercise, play and low impact gymnastics by elementary and middle school age children.  Nylon reinforced tough 18 oz. vinyl cover uses double reinforced, nylon stitched inverted seams to create a smooth working surface.  Each mat has 2' panels and 2' folds.  Available color: Royal Blue

'Fasteners on ends only

2' panels and 2' folds

Designed for tumbling

Use for low impact gymnastics

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