360 Belt Set

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3.50 LBS
360  Belt Set

HealthyExercize.com 360 Belt Set is popular for use to increase the first-step explosion. Its a great tool for training for all sports, especially team sports. Use our 360 Belt set for lateral quickness and back pedaling speed. This is a great tool for both novice and experienced athletes to increase performance on the field or in the rink. 

Proper use of the 360 Belt set will also help to strengthen key core muscles such as the obliques, abs, and lower back. 

The 360 Belt set is the simplest way to train. Slide the belt over your hips, attache the included 8' resistance cord and you are ready to start training. The continuous belt without buckle closures means that the heavy-duty steel rings get full rotation and don't cause hindrance.

  • Continuous belts without buckle closures allow heavy-duty steel rings full rotation without hindrance
  • Use to increase first -step explosion, back pedaling speed and lateral quickness
  • Includes 5 belts (color-coded by size), 8' long latex cord in nylon sheathing, and a safety cuff that tethers to the wrist

Ideal for the following sports: 

  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Weightlifting


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