300 Lb. Deluxe Weight Set

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300 Lb. Deluxe Weight Set
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300 Lb. Deluxe Weight Set

HealthyExercize.com Champion 300 Lb. Deluxe Weight Set

Buy this deluxe 300 lb. weight set which includes not only 14 Olympic grip plates, but spring collars and a 1000 lb. capacity zinc bar. A weight set like this is a must for any home gym or any commercial gym. In addition to the traditional free weight and machine weight reps, the plates can be used in an almost infinite variety of exercises.

•  Includes 1500 lb. capacity black zinc plated bar w/spring collars. 

• 14 Olympic grip plates - 2/45's, 2/35's, 2/25's, 2/10's, 4/5's, 2/2.5's

All sets include a 28.5mm (1-1/8") D x 86-1/8"L Olympic


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